Holiday gifts can be tricky. You want yours to be wow-worthy, but also practical, and definitely more than just a showcase. So, how do you decide the best holiday gift to surprise your loved one? Here is a clue – it is warming, cute, colorful, and lasting. It will remind them of your loved ones how much you care for them. What’s more, it is neither too extravagant and showy, nor expensive. This holiday gift is just perfect.

What is it? It is an adorable beanie.

Whether you are looking for the best Christmas gift ideas for mom, Christmas gift ideas for friends, or good Christmas presents for your partner – our colorful beanies are bound to bring a smile to their faces.

These cozy ear-snuggles come in twenty-three different colors. From vibrant rose pink to mellow shock yellow, there are all kinds of bold and pastel hues. Hard to choose a favorite? Buy the whole pack and get a brutally-slashed price.

Harlequin Beanies are Must-Have Winter Accessories

It’s true. If you do not gift a beanie, chances are they will buy at least one themselves. Beanies are that indispensable. Imagine giving them these beanies in multiple colors – to create different outfits and mix-and-match. After all, they are the latest trend.

No street-style is complete without them anymore. One can wear the bonny hats with pajamas, an over-sized tee, and a backpack or use them to complete their overcoat and knee-high boot look. Beanies are versatile. Now, aren’t they great holiday gifts?

Lift Down Beanies: Holiday Gift that You Can Personalize

Often, when on a hunt for great Christmas gifts, we either look for something useful disguised as an attractive product or a present that feels personal like DIY. Our Lift Down Beanies are both. They are eye-catching but also practical (and super-soft thanks to their Turbo Acrylic Fiber™)

Moreover, there is another reason why these bonny beanies make great gift ideas. They are ageless. You might be on a Christmas present quest for your grandma or your little daughter. These beanies will look just as flashy on both. Unlike when buying the cliché sweaters, you do not have to worry about the size when purchasing this cute headgear. These beanies are stretchy and facilitate a snug face, whether of a teenager or an adult.

This Cool Holiday Gift is Low Maintenance

If the beanie gets dirty, all you will need is to throw it in the washing machine and turn on the delicates/hand-wash setting. Give the beanie a good spin in the machine, and it will be brand new.

Even if a hard stain blotches the adorable look of the hat – it will be nothing that a little lukewarm water mixed with a teaspoon of laundry detergent won't fix.

Lift Down Beanies are No-Risk Holiday Gift Ideas

The charm of these beanies is in their colorful and positive energy. But it is also in their simplicity. These are understated holiday gifts that will stay with the receiver for a long time. The beanies are no kiss on the cheeks but a warm, affectionate hug.

“I don’t like a soft, cozy beanie in cute color.”, said no one ever.

But that was not enough. So, we went the extra mile to ensure the complete comfort of the wearer. We made our awesome beanies with hypoallergenic material. If soft was not enough, these beanies are also safe.