Five Reasons to Try Out the Lift Down Beanie

Five Reasons to Try Out the Lift Down Beanie

The weather is cooling down and the leaves are falling. We are deep into fall and winter is approaching—the time of the year that we like to refer to as beanie season.

The Lift Down beanie has always been our signature product. We make them in an array of colors so that, regardless of who you are, it can be a staple of your winter wardrobe. We sell them at an affordable price, too.

If you already own a Lift Down beanie you do not need convincing. But if you are still preparing for the cooler months of the year, here's why our beanie should be part of your plans:

1. The Lift Down beanie comes in 23 different colors

From Tangerine Orange to Cotton White and Pink Lemonade—we have a beanie for every mood.  

More than just an accessory to keep you warm, the Lift Down beanie is an opportunity to express your personality.

 2. The Lift Down beanie shines for its vibrancy

Our beanies are known for their vibrancy and we couldn't be prouder. We make sure that our beanies shine and stand out—whether it's on the street or on your social media.

3. Our beanies can complete any outfit!

Our beanies have a classic, stylish design that can top off almost any outfit. The Lift Down beanie is truly versatile.

4. Lift Down means brand(less)

Our lack of branding means we can pass on those savings to our customers. It also means that, without any logos, this can truly be your beanie.

Our goal isn't recognition. It's to provide you with dependable fashion.

5. Our beanies make for a thoughtful gift

Let someone know you care with a gift that's equal parts practical and personal. Our beanies are an essential winter accessory and the perfect way to make a gesture.